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Of course, instead of frustrated customers, the court will be obliged to return the money, however, there is no guarantee that this money will eventually be returned. Finances are invested for their own recreation, and for the purpose of obtaining profit in the future. The final results of the challenge are slightly different, for example, some judges recognize the agreements invalid in full, others in part – taking from the buyer's half of the property. But in any case, to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should have a complete idea of the condition of the apartment. The apartment will be transferred back to the former owner or his relatives.

In the latter case, the examples met even comic, but more in the genre of black Comedy. What benefits can we learn when buying a property in Turkey? The main reason people buy housing in this country is the desire to invest with a view for resale when the price will rise. This, in my opinion, wrong.

Costa Blanca is popular for its picturesque, charming bays, small towns located at the foot of the mountains, trails connecting the cities along the coast and many interesting attractions. Another option is to buy on credit, which for many can be a better solution, but it is important to consider the interest rate. Don't forget to consider the location and type of purchased property. Popular among hackers deal with invalid proxies. Now tips on how to properly sell the apartment itself. The new owner can not fully use the apartment to pay the full amount. This should be discussed with the Builder in advance. The apartment was eventually vindicated from the buyer and transferred to the state, and frustrated owner is still looking for fraud, fabricated forged documents. I first became acquainted with Turkey in 2009.